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Plug-in: RSS-to-HTML Factory

General introduction

This Plug-in loads a RSS file of your choice and produces a HTML page, which you can adapt according to your desires. To do so you can edit the template "skins/default/rss/template.html".

Who should use this plug-in?

The Plug-in is suitable for people, who already have or want to create a RSS feed on their web site and simultaneously want to offer a news page (for people that don't have or want a RSS reader software). With this Plug-in one spares the doubled maintenance of news page and RSS feed. Instead of separately writing new messages in HTML and XML, you only need to update the feed. The HTML page will be created automatically.


Make sure that you have the correct version, before you install this plug-in! You need at least version 2.7; this plug-in will probably not work with an older software.
  1. Unpack the archive and copy it's contents to the plug-in directory of the program
  2. Upload the files to the internet
  3. Open the administration menu in your web browser.
  4. You need to have "Administrator" privileges to install a new plug-in!
    ? all new plug-ins are deactivated by default, to make it more complicated for someone to smuggle in a foreign plug-in. You as administrator must activate the plug-in before it starts working.
  5. Next to the entry "Plugins" is a button labeled "reload list". Click this button.
    ? if this does not work as expected, please check, whether access restriction on file "config/plugins" are set to 777. If not, do it now.
  6. Look for the entry "RSS-Feed to HTML Factory" in the list of plug-ins. Next to the entry is a checkbox. Activate the checbox by clicking it.
  7. Below the entry "RSS-Feed to HTML Factory" is an entry labeled "Setup". Activate this also.
  8. When you are done, click "Save changes". A message will appear - accept notice by clicking on "OK".
  1. You can view a test page by calling index.php?action=get_news in your web browser
  2. If you want to bind in your own RSS feed, go to the administrator's menu and click on "RSS-to-HTML Setup" in the option's menu.
    ? You need to have "Administrator" privileges

Author: Thomas Meyer, www.yanaframework.net