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Chapter 1: Preparation

The following Tutorial will demonstrate, how to write your own plug-ins. Therefor the text will guide you through some practice, where you will create your first application with the Yana Framework, a so-called "Web log". The source code can be found in the appendix, at the end of the tutorial.

To complete all steps you will need approximately 1 hour. References to literature can be found at the end of each section. If you wish to skip a section, you will find prepared source code snippets after each step, which you may copy.

Before you start with this tutorial, you should make sure that you have finished some preparations, because otherwise you might get to a point of the tutorial, where you can not continue.

First, you need access to a web server with PHP. A local installation should be preferred, as this simplifies work. However, access to a web server via FTP will do it anyway.

You should also have the Yana Framework already installed and be able to log-in as an administrator. You must also have the "Software Development Kit" for the Yana Framework installed and activated.

Also I recommend you to install an appropriate editor for the Framework, either " PSPad " or " ConTEXT ". Syntax highlighting and code templates are available for both editors. Read the chapter on editors, for installation instructions. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will demonstrate all examples by using the software "PSPad".

Basic knowledge of the structure and functions of PHP and MySQL databases are assumed.

Author: Thomas Meyer, www.yanaframework.net