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General introduction


Dear reader

Welcome and thank you for choosing this product.

This program took years of hard development work and many hours that numerous helping hands invested by providing notices, suggestions and tests to steadily improve the quality of the program.

All these hours have been lots of joy to me and all those who have been working on this projects.

We hope that the result of our work will be useful and give you the same pleasure that we had programing it. Please provide us with your experiences and comments. If you got suggestions on how to improve this work, I will appreciate your e-mail.

Thomas Meyer


Yana supports the development of applications by providing ready-to-use components. Examples: user management, authentication, database API, or templates. In addition it helps developers to write clean code by enforcing the use of a 3 layer architecture. (Compare: "Model-View-Controler").

More features are in the following list:

system requirements

The following minimum conditions have to be met so the program can run properly:

The following configuration is recommended:

Notes on compatibility

In this section you will find references to peculiarities of certain system configurations, as well as information on typical configuration errors and advice that can help you, if you encounter problems during the installation.

included files

Note: If you created new skins, plug-ins or translations and believe these may also be of interest to other users, please let us know. We would be pleased to provide interesting solutions to other users for free.

included files (see legend)


1 index.php index site
2 library.php loads system libraries
3 cli.php command-line program to run cron-jobs

common directories

4 cache/ directory for temporary data and log files
5 common_files/smilies/ new emot-icons may be placed here
6 config/ configuration files
7 engine/ template engine

directories, where your extensions and applications are stored

8 languages/ translators may add their language packs here
9 plugins/ PHP programmers may put their extensions and applications here
10 skins/ web designers may create and edit additional skins and layouts here
11 config/db/ databases and configuration files
12 config/db/*/ uploaded files (binary large objects) are stored in .blob/. Configuration files use the extension "config". All data resides in its own respective directories.

configuration files

13 config/profiles/ settings made in the administration menus
14 config/_drive.config path setting for system files
15 config/dbconfig.php parameters for your database connection
16 config/system.config system configuration

Author: Thomas Meyer, www.yanaframework.net